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Sexo Macho

Raça Paint Horse – PO-25779

Data de nascimento 16/10/2017

Local onde se encontra Avaré-SP

Altura 1,34

Pelagem Zaino/Tobiano

Histórico veterinário

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Campanha do animal

KOMACS COMMANDER: by RK TZS Comet; by JDS Comet; by JD Starbuck, 10 APHA Halter Points; by Skipper Bee; by Emphasis, PtHA Champion, ROMs Tobiano Color, Halter, Western Pleasure and English Pleasure, 269 PtHA Performance Points (Halter, Tobiano Color, Western Pleasure, English Pleasure, Reining, Flag Race, Hunter Under Saddle, Dressage and Ideal Pinto English).

LEVI ZIPPER: Performance Point Earner, Halter Point Earner, ROM Performance, Performance Point Earner Sire, Pleasure Get Money-Earners, Halter Get; Money-Earners; by Zippo Pine Bar, AQHA Hall of Fame, NSBA Hall of Fame, AQHA Champion, 1972 AQHA High Point Performance Horse, Superior Performance, ROM Performance, Halter Point Earner, World Champion Sire, Reserve World Champion Sire, Top Ten World Show Sire, Superior Halter Sire, Superior Per-formance Sire, AQHA High Point and Reserve High Point Performance Stallion Sire, AQHA

Champion, ROM Halter and ROM Performance Sire, NSBA Hall of Fame Sire.

SKIPS BRICK: 1974 AQHA Champion, Superior Performance, ROM Performance, Performance Point Earner, Halter Point Earner, AQHA Champion Sire, Superior Halter and Superior Performance Sire; by Skip Beware, 29 AQHA Halter Points, 1 AQHA Performance Point, AQHA Champion Offspring, Superior Halter and Superior Performance Offspring.

LITTLEBLACK BEAR: World Champion GrandSire; by Pepsi Poco, one of APHAs leading sires; by Q Ton Ace H; by Q Ton Eagle, 2-Time National Halter Champion (1964 and 1966), 1966 National Reining Champion, 1966 Reserve National Champion Get of Sire, 2-Time National Champion Get of Sire (1968 and 1969), ROM Reining, and one of the most influential Sires in the beginning of the APHA.

POCO STAR: Points in Halter; by Leo San Man, 3-Time Reserve National Champion Get of Sire (1967, 1970 and 1972) and Points in Halter and out of Poco Snowflake, 1964 Reserve National Halter Champion and 2-Time National Champion Produce of Dam (1971 and 1973).

J BAR JUNIOR: 1970 APHA Champion, 1969 APHA National Champion Halter, 1968 Reserve National Champion Halter, 34 APHA Halter Points (7 Grands, 2 Reserves), 21 APHA Performance Points, ROM Reining and Western Pleasure.

SKIP HI: APHA Performance Point (Reining).

DIAMON DELL: 20 AQHA Halter Points, 69 AQHA Performance Points; by Diamond Charge, 53 AQHA Points (Racing), Race Money-Earner, Speed Index 100, Race Earnings of $22,436.

DIAMOND JIM: 23 APHA Halter Points (6 Grands, 1 Reserve), 5 APHA Performance Points (Western Pleasure).

SIEMON REED: 7 APHA Halter Points (3 Grands, 1 Reserve), 6 APHA Performance Points (Trail and Western Pleasure).

ROYAL KING: AQHA Hall of Fame, 1953 Open NCHA Reserve World Champion, NCHA COA, NCHA Bronze, NCHA Silver, NCHA Money-Earner ($24,003), 106 AQHA Performance Points, Superior Performance, ROM Performance, NCHA Hall of Fame Offspring, World and Reserve World Champion Offspring, Superior Performance and ROM Performance Offspring, NCHA and Race Money-Earner Offspring.

HANK-A-CHIEF: one of APHAs All-Time Leading Sires; by Skips Lad; by Skip Hi, APHA Reining

Point Earner.

CHEROKEE MAIDEN: 1963 APHA National Halter Champion.

HARLEQUIN: 1973 APHA National Champion Jumping, 60 APHA Performance Points, ROMs Hunter Under Saddle, Jumping, Reining and Western Riding, APHA Points Trail, Working Hunter and Western Pleasure; by Showdown Star, 5 AQHA Halter Points, .5 AQHA Peformance Points; and out of Minnehacha, 6 APHA Halter Points.

BUTTERFLY BARS: 1977 APHA Champion, 21 APHA Halter Points (4 Grands, 7 Reserves), 32 APHA Per-formance Points, ROM Western Pleasure, APHA Points Hunter Under Saddle, Pole Bending, Reining, and Trail.

HOLLY S DYNASTY: 95 APHA Performance Points, Superior Western Pleasure, ROMs Hunter Under Saddle, Trail and Western Pleasure, APHA Points Barrel Racing and Reining.

PINTO BULL: 10 APHA Halter Points (7 Grands, 6 Reserves), 2 APHA Performance Points (Trail and Western Pleasure).

EL-DANINO: 2 APHA Performance Points (Reining and Western Pleasure).

SNIPPER S BUTTONS: APHA Halter Point Earner.

DOMINO S SHEREE: APHA Halter Point Earner.

LADY LEO: AAA-95, por Leo. 4 vits. até 6 anos, US$ 7,089, 1o. Ruidoso Mat., 2o. Buttons And Bows S., 3o. Buttons And Bows. Mãe de 14 produtos, 11 corridos, 5 ROM:

* Mysterous, AAA-95, cols. clássicas,ver acima

* Dial Miss, ats. aos 2 anos, mãe de:

** MISS EASY ACTION, AAA-90, 4 vits. aos 2 anos, US$ 11,083, 1o. Park Jefferson Fut.

* Lady Johnny, 2 vits. até 3 anos, avó de DANCE WITH A LADY AA-86 (US$ 17,186)